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2.2 (Updated)
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September 29, 2018
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About Radio FM 90s

SpidBot.com, the spider-robot that searches the Internet to give you the information you are looking for, is a private multi-browser designed so that you do not have the hassle of finding on the Internet what other search engines do not offer in the best way. Since other search engines are very useful when looking for first-hand information, they usually focus on searching information all over the internet! Which generates problems when looking for certain things, especially purchases.

TOTAL PRIVACY: In this search engine there is no history, there are no accounts to register, there is no record of what you are looking for, there is no GPS tracking or anything like that. What you are looking for remains only in your brain and not in what malicious companies want, privacy is something fundamental and in SpidBot we want it to be that way.

We only show ads in a small banner so that it does not alter the results of searches on the internet. Ads are ads and searches are searches, and to make a difference we show banners and not sponsored results. This way you will find what you are always looking for firsthand.

That's why SpidBot is designed to look for the interests of buyers, in stores or websites dedicated to a specific topic to buy.

For example: in the Videogames section, there is a search engine dedicated solely to search for games. Therefore, if a person writes "Age of Empires 3 for PC", Spidbot will use its videogames search engine and will show you the store that has AGE OF EMPIRES 3 at the best price, quantity, reviews, etc.

Are you looking for images or wallpapers? Use the "Images" section and you will only look for images. Videos, search only videos and so on depending on the topic you are looking for.

Each image that you look for, only needs a click to open it and be able to download it without problems.

Are you looking for news? We have it, Cheap flights with travel packages with the best airlines? as well!

And since we know that Wikipedia is one of the best tools of all, we have a search engine for only articles in all the available languages of Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Reddit: An incredible social network to share information of all kinds. Take a turn when you can.

Just go to the panel next to and choose from the available sections of the website and you're done! Start looking for what you need with just 2 clicks.

6 Special search engines for all types of data.

1. Internet: search Web pages, images and videos.
2. News: Find the information of the moment in the best newspapers and news of the world.
3. Wikipedia: Search only articles in all versions of Wikipedia in all available languages.
4. Clothing: In search of the latest in fashion? Stop by and look for what you need.
5. Games: Search for games, parts of computers, consoles, TV and more.
6. Reddit: Search on the first page of the internet, Reddit.
7. Flights: Packages, information, prices, agencies and more.

I hope that soon this search engine can be used by the masses and that it has the privilege of becoming the homepage on multiple computers and mobile devices. Let it become a search engine for all!

• Arnold Gamboa - Costa Rica. 2018

What's New in this version

* Added autocomplete in the Search bar.

* 6 new search engines.

* 150 Images per page.

* Greater accuracy of data search.

* Search of Videos with preview.