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1.10 (Updated)
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September 20, 2018
Android 4.1 and up
  • Track your Lost Phone: Find misplaced phone Screenshot
  • Track your Lost Phone: Find misplaced phone Screenshot
  • Track your Lost Phone: Find misplaced phone Screenshot
  • Track your Lost Phone: Find misplaced phone Screenshot

About Radio FM 90s

Track a lost phone is an anti-lost/anti-theft android application that will keep your smartphone safe from getting lost or misplaced. This is a simple and user-friendly application that enables you to track your lost or misplaced mobile phone. We all have been in situations where we have misplaced or lost our phones, Track a lost phone helps you to find your phone and spares you from the anxiety of not able to find it.

Track a lost phone is a user-friendly application with multiple features and simple GUI. The kind of busy lives we all are leading, mobile phones are the basic necessity of our lives. Losing a phone means losing all the privacy. Track a lost phone makes it easy for all smartphone users to track their phones in case of any mishap. This anti-lost and the anti-theft application will provide you exact whereabouts of your phone without internet. In case you have misplaced your phone an alarm sound will be generated even if your phone is in silent mode. This alarm sound is customizable.

In case you have lost or misplaced your phone, track a lost phone will make tracking and finding your phone easy and simple.
• Locks your lost/misplaced phone with a code if someone tries to change SIM.
• Location of the lost phone is sent to your trusted contact numbers.
• In case your phone is misplaced and it is in silent mode, buzz it with maximum sound by sending an SMS from your friends’ phone.
• Send SMS from any available cell phone and get Phone location of your lost phone remotely.
• A single SMS will lock your phone remotely.
• Set password to 4-6 digits, default password is “12345”.
• It functions completely without internet.
• Uses very little power.

How to use it?
To use Track a Lost Phone on your android mobile phone, first, activate the application by pressing “Tap to Activate” button on the main page.

A- You can track your phone in case you have misplaced it in home/office by sending following messages from any cell phone to your misplaced phone:
I. To buzz your silent phone at maximum volume: Alert#xxxx
II. To lock your lost phone: Lock#xxxx
III. To find phone location of lost/misplaced phone: Locate#xxxx
(xxxx = 4-6 digit security code set in settings)

B- When a phone is stolen and SIM is changed:

I. This application detects SIM change in your lost phone and locks the phone automatically with the lock code set by you in the app.
II. It sends following message to your trusted friends’ phone number, you saved in the Anti-lost settings with the following options:
a. Your lost phone IMEI number.
b. A current location of the stolen/misplaced cell phone (using GPS).
c. Phone security code set by you.

C- SOS Message:
This is an emergency feature which enables you to send a distress signal to your three trusted contacts in case you encounter any dangerous situation. This safety feature keeps you safe and sound from all dangers.

How to uninstall "Track a Lost Phone"?

To uninstall the App, you must deactivate the app security first then uninstall it from your cell phone. The application can be deactivated by

I- Click "Tap to Deactivate" at home page of the app OR
II- Phone Settings > Security > Device Administrators, uncheck "Track a Lost Phone"

Device Administrator Permissions Required :
This app requires Device Administrator permissions.
Lock Phone: It allows you to lock your phone remotely or when the SIM change is detected.
Reset Password: When your phone is lost or stolen
SMS: Send SMS to your trusted contacts when SIM change in your phone is detected.
Other Permissions:
Receive and Send SMS, Read Contacts, GPS, Network State Permissions, Receive Maps, Read GServices, Read Phone State, Receive Boot Completed, Write External Storage, Internet Services

What's New in this version

- Minor bugs removed.